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The maintenance and repair of extrusion blow molding machine #MEPER
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The maintenance and repair of extrusion blow molding machine #MEPER

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The maintenance and repair of extrusion blow molding machine #MEPER

The maintenance and repair of MEPER blow molding machine are complementary to each other

The repair operation of hollow blowing molding machine is based on the wear condition of some parts found in the protection and maintenance of equipment and the equipment problems affecting the quality of products in the production operation. It is decided by the equipment technicians to propose that some parts or some parts are repaired or replaced in a planned way to restore the best operation condition of equipment.

The repair operation of equipment can be divided into the normal repair arranged according to the operation plan and the repair of the sudden occurrence of accidents in the normal operation.

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The protection and maintenance and repair of hollow blowing molding machine are two different protection methods for the equipment, but the intention is one - to expect the production equipment to maintain the best working condition, to ensure that the equipment can have high output and consistent products, and to extend the operation life of the machine equipment as far as possible.

The protection and maintenance of MEPER blow molding machine is a common operation, which includes: operators are required to use the equipment strictly according to the operating rules of hollow blow molding machine; Operation production, often clean and scrub equipment dust and oil and add lubricating oil operations; Inspect the working condition of the machine, and ask relevant personnel to clean up the problem in time. This can delay the wear of machine parts, extend the service life of the machine.


Equipment repair is the repair of damage to machine parts due to normal or abnormal causes. The intent of repair is to restore a piece of equipment to normal operating capacity by repairing or replacing a part.

Attention should be paid to protection, maintenance and repair are equally important operations. Protection and maintenance is a protective measure against wear and damage of equipment parts. Repairing and replacing parts is a necessary means to ensure normal production and make the equipment play its original function. These two operations should be well combined to prevent the main, nip in the bud. Before the machine parts are damaged and cannot be operated, they should be repaired and replaced in time to ensure that the machine has a good working condition for a long time.

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