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The maintenance and repair of extrusion blow molding machine #MEPER

The maintenance and repair of hollow blow molding machine are complementary to each otherThe repair operation of hollow blowing molding machine is based on the wear condition of some parts found in the protection and maintenance of equipment and the equipment problems affecting the quality......

2023 02-10
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How to choose multilayers blow molding machine #MEPER

Classification of blow molding machine and how to choose double or three layer blow molding machineBlow molding machine in simple terms, is the raw material plastic forming embryo, extruder extrusion tubular embryo, through the die head into the mold, injected compressed air, the embryo blowing......

2023 02-09
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Reasons for the maintenance of large plastic blowing machine

Reasons for the maintenance of large plastic blowing machineAs we all know, the plastic blowing machine needs maintenance for maintenance, especially the large plastic blowing machine, but I do not know why the blowing machine is required for maintenance. Therefore, Meper machine......

2022 12-05
Operating rules for debugging of MEPER blow molding machine

Operating rules for debugging of MEPER blow molding machine1. Firstly, check whether the mixer works normally. Firstly, turn off the power supply of the mixer, put the raw materials, master color and toner with good ratio into the mixing bucket, cover the mixing bucket, and turn on the power switch

2022 09-08
How to buy MEPER extrusion blow molding machine?

If you have the need to buy a extrusion blow molding machine, you must know how to choose the blow molding equipment that is suitable for your products. This article is to share with you some tips on how to choose a hollow blow molding machine, and how to choose the right equipment before.Before......

2022 08-26
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What is the main power source of MEPER blow molding machine?

Blow molding machine is the heating plasticized PVC, PE, PP, PET, HIPS and other thermoplastic coil blown into various shapes of advanced packaging boxes, frames and other products of the machine. The operation steps are also very simple, as long as it opens the heating switch machine heating time ......

2022 08-23