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How to choose multilayers blow molding machine #MEPER
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How to choose multilayers blow molding machine #MEPER

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How to choose multilayers blow molding machine #MEPER

Classification of blow molding machine and how to choose double or three layer blow molding machine

Blow molding machine MEPER, is the raw material plastic forming embryo, extruder extrusion tubular embryo, through the die head into the mold, injected compressed air, the embryo blowing, close to the mold inside, cooling demoulding, make a variety of hollow blow molding products, so what are the classification of blow molding machine?

MEPER blow molding machine

According to the different processing methods of the embryo, the MEPER blow molding machine is divided into extrusion blow molding machine and injection blow molding machine. More common is the extrusion blow molding machine, just said the process is the extrusion blow molding machine processing. The thermoplastic (raw material) is rotated by the screw, heated into a molten state, then extruded through the head, and completed by cooling.

Injection molding is to put powdered raw materials in the hopper of the injection machine, heat the raw materials and melt the flow state, push through the screw or piston, inject into the mold cavity through the nozzle, hardening and shaping.

MEPER blow molding machine

Blow molding machine classification and large, small distinction. MEPER blow molding machine probably produces products of a few ml to a few hundred ml or so, such as: small plastic bottles, cosmetic packaging, toys and so on. Large blow molding machine production volume is several hundred liters to tens of thousands of liters, the production of products used in a very wide range of applications, such as roadside barricades, industrial water tanks, large plastic buckets, industrial facilities, etc. So many applications, second-hand blow molding machine demand is also increasing, so in the double layer blow molding machine and three layer blow molding machine how to choose?

Among them, the double-layer blowing machine and the three-layer blowing machine, the two and more than two layers of blowing machine equipment, are multi-layer blowing machine. The difference between multi-layer blow molding machine and ordinary single-layer blow molding machine lies in the configuration of the head, because the production of blow molding products is to extrude the plasticized raw materials through the head, and further form the mold. The extrusion of raw materials can be said to be the basis of the production of products. Therefore, the realization of multi-layer is to set the multi-layer head.

MP70FS machine with IML

Therefore, the difference between double-layer blow molding machine and three-layer blow molding machine in equipment is that the head configuration is different. Double-layer blowing molding machine is double-layer head configuration, and three-layer blowing molding machine is three-layer head configuration, which also realizes the production of double-layer and three-layer products.

In summary, is the product and equipment structure of two aspects. The difference between double layer products and three layer products is not particularly large, in comparison, three layer products than double layer products, in impact resistance, corrosion resistance, hardness will be a little better.

Or that word, choose which kind of blowing machine equipment, or to see their own product production needs. Including the application of products, places of use, performance requirements and other aspects, are our choice of blow molding machine equipment.

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