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Production process and basic principle of blow molding machine

The MEPER blow molding machine is a machine that uses the wind blowing from the machine to blow the plastic body to a certain shape of the cavity after spraying the liquid plastic to make the product. The production process and basic principle of plastic blow molding machine are as follows:

2022 09-21
MEPER blow molding machine repair and daily maintenance

Blow molding machine maintenance is an indispensable part of blow molding machine after long-term use. When the blow molding machine workers use the blow molding machine daily, they should pay attention to the maintenance and daily maintenance of the blow molding machine to ensure the normal......

2022 09-17
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What are the influencing factors of blow molding of extrusion blow molding machine ?

What are the influencing factors of the blow molding machine/blow molding process?1. Blowing pressureThe compressed air in blow molding has two functions, inflation and cooling. Low pressure should be used for low viscosity, small volume or thick-walled parts; higher pressure should be used for high

2022 09-16
Common faults and solutions of blow molding machine feeding position

MEPER Blow molding machine is a kind of equipment that makes plastic pellets into hollow containers by blow molding process. At present, the more common models include, one-time molding hollow extrusion blowing machine using PP and PE, and PET, PC or PP molding twice. The injection stretch blow mold

2022 09-15
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Safe operation procedures for MEPER blow molding machines

I Preparation before starting up ,II How to start the MEPER blow molding machine, III How to turn off the MEPER blow molding machine ,IV Regular maintenance for MEPER blow molding machine

2022 09-09
Operating rules for debugging of MEPER blow molding machine

Operating rules for debugging of MEPER blow molding machine1. Firstly, check whether the mixer works normally. Firstly, turn off the power supply of the mixer, put the raw materials, master color and toner with good ratio into the mixing bucket, cover the mixing bucket, and turn on the power switch

2022 09-08