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The maintenance and repair of extrusion blow molding machine #MEPER

The maintenance and repair of hollow blow molding machine are complementary to each otherThe repair operation of hollow blowing molding machine is based on the wear condition of some parts found in the protection and maintenance of equipment and the equipment problems affecting the quality......

2023 02-10
MEPER blow molding machine.jpg
Plastic products detailed processing process introduction

Plastic products are widely used in daily life. In agriculture, packaging, transportation, electrical, food, daily necessities and other industries, due to their excellent cost performance advantages and quality parameters in all industries, they can win public praise. More customers are invested in...

2022 07-22
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What are the ways to improve the quality of blow molded products?

What are the ways to improve the quality of blow molded products? The importance of blow molding equipment to industrial production is self-evident. A large number of plastic products are made by blow molding. The more common blow molding methods are extrusion molding. The problem of poor product qu

2022 07-19