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MEPER blow molding machine repair and daily maintenance

Blow molding machine maintenance is an indispensable part of blow molding machine after long-term use. When the blow molding machine workers use the blow molding machine daily, they should pay attention to the maintenance and daily maintenance of the blow molding machine to ensure the normal......

2022 09-17
Common faults and solutions of blow molding machine feeding position

MEPER Blow molding machine is a kind of equipment that makes plastic pellets into hollow containers by blow molding process. At present, the more common models include, one-time molding hollow extrusion blowing machine using PP and PE, and PET, PC or PP molding twice. The injection stretch blow mold

2022 09-15
MP90FS 带辅机.jpg
Hollow blow molding machine cooling system

In the process of blow molding, the hollow blow molding machine can bring high operating efficiency for users, so as to have relatively high economic benefits. If the hollow blow molding machine is used for a long time, the current temperature of the blow molding machine will be relatively high. Man

2022 09-05
Plastic bottle/development of multi-layer co-extrusion blow molding machines

Because plastic bottles are not easily broken, low cost, food-grade raw materials, etc., they are more and more used in the packaging of various products, and the widespread use of plastic bottles has also promoted the development of blow molding machines. In the domestic market, it is also Some such companies have appeared, such as MEPER MACHINE. This company is one of the blow molding machine manufacturers with strong development momentum in recent years. Its intelligent, low energy consumption and high output characteristics are unique, easy to operate, and very suitable for 50ml. Fully automatic blowing of small plastic bottles up to 30 liters.

2022 04-01
Professional high barrier bottle

The main purpose of the multi-layer hollow molding machine is to solve the best solution that cannot meet the comprehensive physical properties of the product (such as weather resistance, air tightness, barrier property and mechanical strength, etc.) by using a certain material alone. The hollow blo

2022 03-25
Features of hollow blow molding machine

As one of the commonly used plastic manufacturing equipment, what are the characteristics of hollow blow molding machine?Each heating zone of the hollow blow molding machine has an independent segmented temperature control. According to the different shapes and sizes of the preforms, the position an

2022 03-11