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Ketchup bottle Coex blow molding machine

What a Coex blow molding machine?The Coex blow molding machine is a type of manufacturing equipment used to create multilayer plastic products,such as sunscreen bottles,ketchup bottle and so on. This technology involves the use of multiple layers of plastic materials PE,EVOH,Adhesive to produce bott

2023 03-17
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The maintenance and repair of extrusion blow molding machine #MEPER

The maintenance and repair of hollow blow molding machine are complementary to each otherThe repair operation of hollow blowing molding machine is based on the wear condition of some parts found in the protection and maintenance of equipment and the equipment problems affecting the quality......

2023 02-10
MEPER blow molding machine.jpg
Fault and troubleshooting method of multi-layer blow molding machine

Multi-layer hollow blow molding machine may present abnormal phenomena similar to extrusion blow molding, but also may present two abnormal phenomena unique to multi-layer hollow blow molding. I. Products present delamination phenomenon The melt temperature of the bonding layer is too low, and the m

2023 02-07
MEPER blow molding machine.jpg
Application of multi-layer blow molding _ MEPER Machine

Application of multi-layer blow molding _ Meper Machine(1) Food and beverages. Although the glass bottle is a permanent impermeable container, it is not limited by the August 4th disinfectant and sterile disinfectant. However, co-extruded blow-molded multi-layer bottles are not easy to break, can be

2023 02-01
MEPER blow molding machine.jpg
Is there any noise in the MEPER blow molding machine? How to solve it?

Is there any noise in the blowing molding machine? How to solve it?The operation process of the blowing machine is to preheat and heat up, set the temperature value on the temperature control meter according to the process requirements, start the heating system for heat up......

2023 01-10
 Is the production process of MEPER machine environmentally friendly?

Is the production process of hollow plastic blowing machine environmentally friendly?As a large plastic, machine is widely used in industry, chemical industry, daily life and other fields. So, many people want to know, is the production process of the hollow blowing machine environmentally friendly

2023 01-05