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Application of multi-layer blow molding _ MEPER Machine
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Application of multi-layer blow molding _ MEPER Machine

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Application of multi-layer blow molding _ MEPER Machine

Application of multi-layer blow molding _ Meper Machine

(1) Food and beverages. Although the glass bottle is a permanent impermeable container, it is not limited by the August 4th disinfectant and sterile disinfectant. However, co-extruded blow-molded multi-layer bottles are not easy to break, can be extruded, light in weight, and have good impermeability; and can freely design multi-layer structures with different capacities, specifications, and complex shapes, and the combination of each layer And the thickness can also be determined independently, it is an ideal food and beverage packaging products. It can be used as packaging for ketchup, rapeseed oil, jam, milk, orange juice, carbonated drinks, beer, etc.

multilayer food bottles (1)

MEPER blow molding machine for multilayers food package

Multilayer co-extruded bottle products include three-layer combinations, five-layer combinations, and six-layer combinations. There are more plastic bottles with six-layer combinations of general materials. The three-layer bottle with EVOH or PA as the barrier layer has little moisture sensitivity and can be used for food packaging. The three-layer composite bottle of PE/PET/PC has transparent, effective barrier properties, excellent heat resistance and mechanical properties, and does not use adhesive materials, which has attracted widespread attention.

(2) Chemical reagents. Chemical reagents are usually industrial or agricultural chemicals.

It requires that the co-extruded multi-layer product has good barrier properties, high ability to withstand internal pressure, excellent mechanical properties and the ability to withstand the swelling of the inner layer of the product by the contained chemicals. Such products are usually three-layer combination, four-layer combination, five-layer combination, six-layer combination of 5-10L barrels, plastic bottles below 1L, etc. In order to prevent chemical reagents from seeping out of the outside world, the barrier layer (PA, PAN, EVOH) is often placed on the inner wall, and the thickness of the layer should be greater than 0.1mm; HDPE is often used as the base resin, and sometimes PP can be used instead of HDPE resin in consideration of chemical compatibility.

MEPER machine for agro bottle

MEPER co extrusion blow molding machine for pesticide bottles

(3) Other aspects. In terms of pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging, products are often required to have better surface properties, such as antistatic, easy to print, high gloss, scratch resistance, etc. At this time, multi-layer products can use PA as the outer material to provide better surface properties and barrier properties. Three-layer combination and two-layer combination products of two different materials or different colors can be applied to different application occasions.


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