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Difference between blow molding machine and injection molding machine
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Difference between blow molding machine and injection molding machine

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Difference between blow molding machine and injection molding machine

Blow molding machine: A machine used to produce various plastic products by heating plastic and blowing it into a diaphragm or hollow. Blow molding machine used blow molding technology also known as hollow blow molding, a rapidly developing plastic processing method. Thermoplastic resin extrusion or injection molding obtained tubular plastic billet, heated to the softening state, placed in the open mold, immediately after closing the mold in the billet blown compressed air, plastic billet blown and close to the inner wall of the mold, after cooling demold, that is, to get a variety of hollow products. The manufacturing process of blow films is similar in principle to that of hollow products, but it does not use a mold.

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Injection molding machine and blow molding machine are two different processing machines. Main production injection molding machine of the more common products are all kinds of electronic products shell and plastic card board, plastic pencil, etc., the characteristics of injection molding, rubber after plasticizing injection into the mold for the nozzle flow channel to the cavity, the injection port injection glue is real, we is close to the commonly used plastic chopsticks, chopsticks and injection molding. In the process of producing products, the temperature of the machine is different. If the material is returned to another process of production, it will do great damage to the mold and machine! It is not recommended to use return material like this for two products with different processes!


Even if the materials are the same, they are all PET materials, but there are still different. One is blow molding level, injection molding machine with injection molding level, blow molding machine with blow molding level, if there is electroplating, then electroplating level. Therefore, the physical characteristics of the two materials are not the same, the tensile performance of the injection level is not as good as the blow level, so the injection level can not be used in blow molding. An event or phenomenon in which an injection molding machine or system loses or reduces its prescribed function during use. Injection molding machine is provided by enterprises to meet the production process requirements of injection molding products. The function of injection molding machine reflects its value and guarantee degree in the production of injection molding products.

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In the modern production, blow molding machine and injection molding machine structure is complex, a high degree of automation, hydraulic, electric control and mechanical connection is very close, so the wrong materials lead to failure, even if it is a local failure, will cause the whole production.

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