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What are the methods for extruding and blowing hollow plastic products?

(1) Continuous extrusion inflation method. The sequence of continuous extrusion and blow molding of hollow plastic products: the blow molding process extrudes the molten tube blank that has been mixed and plasticized uniformly from the extruder to a certain length - the molding die for the product.....

2022 09-28
Extrusion blow molding of plastic mold

Well-known blow molding objects are bottles, buckets, cans, boxes, and all the containers that contain food, beverages, cosmetics, medicines, and daily necessities. Large blow molded containers are commonly used for packaging chemicals, lubricants and bulk materials. Other blow molding products incl

2022 09-26
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What is blow molding process for plastic bottles ?

The blow molding process is to place the semi-molten tube blank (parison) obtained by extrusion or injection molding in various shapes of molds, and blow compressed air into the tube blank to make it close to the mold cavity. On the wall, and then cooling and demoulding to obtain the molding method of the hollow product. Its molding process includes the manufacture of plastic parisons and the blow molding of the parisons.

2022 09-22
Influence of blow molding machine filter on plastic extrusion molding

During the extrusion process of the blow molding machine, the molten material is conveyed to the die through the filter screen. The filter screen allows the material to be filtered and can improve the mixing effect of the material. However, filters can also cause fluctuations in the process, resulti.....

2022 09-19
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What are the materials used for MEPER extrusion blow molding machine ?

The plastic varieties used in the hollow extrusion blow molding machine are polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, polystyrene, linear polyester, polycarbonate, polyamide, cellulose acetate and polyacetal resin. Among them, the consumption of high-density polyethylene occupies the first pl

2022 09-14
Difference between blow molding machine and injection molding machine

Blow molding machine: A machine used to produce various plastic products by heating plastic and blowing it into a diaphragm or hollow. Blow molding machine used blow molding technology also known as hollow blow molding, a rapidly developing plastic processing method. Thermoplastic resin extrusion or

2022 09-07