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Classification of blow moulds

Blow mold is a tool used in the plastic processing industry to match the plastic molding machine, so that the plastic product has a complete structure and accurate size. Today, we will summarize the 6 categories of blow molds.According to different forming methods, can be divided into different mold......

2022 11-25
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How to choose plastic mould for blow molding machine?

Blow mould: Any of various molds and tools used in industrial production for injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, die casting or forging, smelting, stamping, etc., in order to obtain desired products. In short, a mold is a tool used to make a shaped object. The tool is made up of different pa

2022 11-17
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How to do if there is a problem for blow molding machine?

In the production process of blow molding machine, there are always various problems, such as the deficiency of the blown mold. How should we solve some deficiencies?

2022 11-16
MEPER blow molding machine.jpg
Blow molding machine common problems repair method

It is very common to encounter some production faults in the production process of plastic products. Today, MEPER MACHINERY has made a collection to summarize some common fault problems. How should we solve them?1. The feeding plate is stuck. The problem of stuck material in the feeding process may

2022 11-15
MEPER machine 01.jpg
MEPER customized blow molding machine

With the update and development of blow molding technology, the application field of blow molding products is more and more extensive. Customers have higher and higher requirements for the quality of blow molding products. At the same time, they have different specifications and models for the produ

2022 11-10
MEPER machine 01.jpg
Heater for hollow blow molding machine

Heater of hollow blow molding machine is an important part of blow molding machine. The purpose of the heat is to melt the plastic to form a type embryo. Proper temperature can improve the plasticization rate of plastics. In the pursuit of energy saving in today's society, many hollow blow molding m

2022 11-08