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What products can be produced by an extrusion blow molding machine
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What products can be produced by an extrusion blow molding machine

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What products can be produced by an extrusion blow molding machine

With the widespread use of plastic products, the demand has also greatly increased. These plastic products are produced by plastic machinery. Plastic machinery includes injection molding machines, PET blow molding machines, and extrusion blow molding machines. The production of different products uses different production equipment.

MEPER blow molding machine

MEPER machine,one of leader of extrusion blow molding machine manufacturer,producing kinds of hollow blow molding machine. What plastic products are mainly produced by the hollow blow molding machine? It mainly produces 0-1000L hollow plastic products, which are used in various fields:

I Industrial Chemicals

Such as lubricating oil bottles, oil drums, chemical drums, small stacking drums, chemical reagent bottles, oil guide hoses, car brake oil cans, additive bottles and other bottles

engine oil bottle

II Daily Chemicals

Such as shampoo bottles, laundry detergent bottles, strong decontamination bottles, toilet cleaning bottles, disinfectant wipes buckets, etc.

cosmeitc bottle

III Agrochemicals

Such as pesticide bottles, multi-layer pesticide barrels, pesticide drums, etc.

agro chemical bottle

IV food packaging

Such as our commonly used milk bottles, edible oil bottles, oil drums, ketchup bottles, etc.

food pack bottle

V Other

Children's fences, ocean balls, children's slides, plastic bowling balls, etc.


The hollow blow molding machine is composed of extrusion, mold opening and closing, electric control, hydraulic and other parts. It mainly produces PE, PA, PVC, ABS and other hollow plastic products. According to the characteristics of different products, the blow molding machine can customize each part to meet the production requirements. The plastic particles are melted by extrusion and heating, the liquid glue is sprayed out and the wind blowing from the machine is used to blow the plastic body into the cavity of a certain shape to make the finished product. This is the plastic product produced by the hollow blow molding machine. This plastic product has high thickness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and blow molding products of some materials can replace wood, ceramic, and metal containers. In addition, the price of blow molding products is relatively economical, and the scope of use is relatively wide, and the demand will be higher and higher.

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