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Multi-layer co-extrusion blow molding

What is multi-layer co-extrusion blow molding?What is multi-layer co-extrusion blow molding? Multi-layer CO-extrusion blow molding is a technology of using more than two extruders to melt and plasticize the same or dissimilar plastics in different extruders, then compound, extrude and form multi-lay

2022 10-30
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Extrusion blow molding machine production profit

Hollow blow molding machine production profit? Of course it is. How does the hollow blow molding machine make money? Next we will tell you a variety of hollow blow molding machine to make money.As we all know, the hollow blow molding machine is a plastic processing equipment used to produce a variet......

2022 10-19
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The characteristics of plastic extrusion hollow molding machine

Plastic extrusion hollow forming machine can produce most plastic hollow products, and the equipment runs stably, the products produced are of good quality. The reason why plastic extrusion hollow forming machine can have such a high quality performance is inseparable from the characteristics of its

2022 10-19
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What are the methods for extruding and blowing hollow plastic products?

(1) Continuous extrusion inflation method. The sequence of continuous extrusion and blow molding of hollow plastic products: the blow molding process extrudes the molten tube blank that has been mixed and plasticized uniformly from the extruder to a certain length - the molding die for the product.....

2022 09-28
Extrusion blow molding of plastic mold

Well-known blow molding objects are bottles, buckets, cans, boxes, and all the containers that contain food, beverages, cosmetics, medicines, and daily necessities. Large blow molded containers are commonly used for packaging chemicals, lubricants and bulk materials. Other blow molding products incl

2022 09-26
Operating rules for debugging of MEPER blow molding machine

Operating rules for debugging of MEPER blow molding machine1. Firstly, check whether the mixer works normally. Firstly, turn off the power supply of the mixer, put the raw materials, master color and toner with good ratio into the mixing bucket, cover the mixing bucket, and turn on the power switch

2022 09-08