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What are the plastic production facilities?
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What are the plastic production facilities?

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What are the plastic production facilities?

Plastic production equipment can be produced and applied in many fields, such as building materials, packaging, electronic information, concentrated liquid, automobile, transportation, light industry, petrochemical and other industries.  Plastic production equipment has molding machine, injection molding machine, extruder, blow molding machine, foaming machine, etc., this article will want to introduce plastic production equipment in detail, what is the working principle of it.

I Blow molding machine

Blow molding machine is a kind of main equipment to produce hollow products through the machine blowing out of the wind will blow polymer material attached to a certain shape mold cavity to produce format products.  

In the production process, the first granular or powdery plastic raw materials will be added to the hopper, heated to the softening state, and then sent to the opposite mold, inward through the compressed air blowing, plastic billet will be closely attached to the inner wall of the word ah mold, waiting for the mold in the mold after cooling molding, can get finished products.  

Blow molding machine molding cycle is short, generally equipped with automatic control system, production efficiency is generally high, and can produce some complex shape, size crystallization or containing metal or non-metal products, a broad range of applications also make blow molding machine products in the food industry, transportation industry, chemical industry and other fields.  

Blow molding machine equipment price and mold toward low energy consumption, low price, high adaptability, comprehensive strong, high value-added direction, product range is also expanding.

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II Extruder  

Plastic extruder is also called plastic extruder is a thermoplastic plastic molding equipment, through the external power transmission and external components of the solid plastic into uniform melt, and then add mixed master grinding, plastic completely uniform through the mouth die extrusion and finalize the design, after cooling hard solidification products.  

The cost of plastic extrusion blow molding machine is low, the overall operation is simple, easy to control in the production process, can be molded through the head mouth of the finished and semi-finished products, and can be continuous automatic production, product quality is uniform and stable,  Therefore, extruder is more widely used in film, flat belt, net, hollow container, window, door frame, pipe, bar, plate, cable cladding and other profiles.  

The development of extruder tends to modular specialized production, adapt to the needs of different clients, reduce the research and development cycle, and reduce the cost as far as possible under the premise of ensuring product quality.

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MEPER extrusion blow molding machine

III Injection molding machine  

The principle of an injection molding machine is similar to that of a syringe. The molten material is injected into a closed mold cavity by the thrust of a screw, and the complete product is formed after cooling.  

The detailed working process is to add powder raw material into the barrel, and then the heating screw on the outer wall of the barrel also starts to rotate to melt the plastic, and then the injection seat moves forward, the nozzle is close to the gate of the mold, and the pressure screw is pushed forward into the injection cylinder, and the molten material is injected into the closed mold quickly, and the product is obtained after cooling and opening the mold.  

Injection molding machine can according to the characteristics of the production requirements of raw materials, choose different solution structure of the screw, so it can be applied to a large range of garbage cans, bowls, buckets, POTS, tableware, hair dryer shell, vacuum cleaner shell, toys, auto industry parts and other products are injection production.  

Injection molding machine production efficiency is high, the product standardization, standardization, seriation quality is guaranteed, the need to ensure adequate pressure and speed of injection, mould clamping force demanding, one-time feeding accurate and stable temperature heat source, can meet the injection molding machine, even if the products shape, size of each part and scaling is different, also can ensure the structure size of high accuracy, good interchangeability.  

MEPER blow molding machine

Hollow plastic blow molding machine

The plastic products in the market are basically produced by these three kinds of equipment. No matter what kind of high-efficiency and energy-saving plastic production equipment is selected according to the production demand, the equipment can be selected.  To learn more about plastic production equipment, remember to connect us.

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