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Professional high barrier bottle
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Professional high barrier bottle

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Professional high barrier bottle

The main purpose of the multi-layer hollow molding machine is to solve the best solution that cannot meet the comprehensive physical properties of the product (such as weather resistance, air tightness, barrier property and mechanical strength, etc.) by using a certain material alone. The hollow blow molding machine uses the unique barrier properties of high-barrier raw materials (such as PA, EVOH, etc.), and in the production process of plastic products, adopts three-layer or multi-layer continuous/storage co-extrusion technology. Use plastic adhesive in the middle layer. A mixture of different kinds of characteristic raw materials is co-coated to form a multi-layer composite structure product, and the product can meet the use conditions or requirements of the packaged solvent.


Multi-layer continuous/storage co-extrusion technology, according to product requirements, is often divided into yuan bottle, flat bottle, barrel, bottle barrel with liquid level line, special-shaped fuel tank, etc., and is often divided into three layers according to the nature of use. Five layers, six layers, Seven layers, etc. According to the scope of use, it is often divided into pesticide bottles, plant protection packaging bottles, various general pipes of chemical companies, various automobile fuel tanks, etc. The product volume is often divided into 100ml/ 250ml/ 500ml/ 750ml/ 1000ml/ 1250ml/ 1500ml/ 5000ml/ 25L/ 50L/ 100L/ 200L and other specifications, according to the number of heads of the product are often divided into single-die head, double-die head, three-die head, four-die head, etc.


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