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Maintenance of PE blow molding machine - master the manual
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Maintenance of PE blow molding machine - master the manual

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Maintenance of PE blow molding machine - master the manual

The problem of the PE blow molding oil circuit will have some impact on the work. The maintenance work must be accurate, reliable and timely. It is necessary to study the contents of the manuals of various types of blow molding machines and master the general maintenance process. The maintenance idea is usually circuit-oil - Actions of mechanical parts.

The adjustment work is reversed, such as the lack of mechanical action and mold clamping pressure, the circuit and the circuit can be found, such as the circuit output is normal, and then the oil valve is adjusted. If the circuit is working properly, adjust the circuit board. Of course, the tone at the end, but the three are interdependent and control each other. Correct use of instruments and meters, adjustment of detection circuits, maintenance of circuits, and adjustment of the position and action of mechanical parts are important means of determining faults. Generally, the MEPER blow molding machine manufacturer only gives the electrical block diagram of the equipment, the oil circuit block diagram and the main parts of the machine, which is not enough for maintenance work.


It is necessary to pay attention to all aspects of daily maintenance work, to collect and organize relevant information. Such as electrical, electronic, mechanical accessories, oil, solenoid valve body and other information. For example, if it is necessary to map the circuit schematic diagram, electronically mapped schematic diagram and actual wiring diagram, the corresponding terminal equipment detection related information, so as to provide accurate detection direction during maintenance fault diagnosis and analysis. Measure the specific parameters of the detection point. When necessary, you can also generate your own power supply, simulate input and output signals, simulate testing or calibration to master and obtain first-hand maintenance data, such as the operating points of various parameters.

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