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How to do if the plastic MEPER blow molding machine seeps water?
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How to do if the plastic MEPER blow molding machine seeps water?

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How to do if the plastic MEPER blow molding machine seeps water?

What should I do if the motor of the plastic extruder sees water? 

There will always be some faults during the operation of the equipment, which need to be dealt with in time. For example, the water seepage problem of the motor may occur during the production of the blow molding machine. Proper handling can prevent the motor from being damaged. Let the editor take you to understand how to deal with this situation. 

MP80D blow molding machine

MP80D extrusion blow molding machine

After the motor seepage is found, the sludge and residues from the outside should be cleaned immediately, but there is no need to roll over the motor shaft. Then clean up and remove the sludge and water marks on the inner wall of the casing, the motor rotor and the electric slip ring, and carefully check whether the winding is in poor contact, whether the carbon brush is rusted and stuck in the brush holder, and the work of the carbon brush Whether the pressure is normal, and whether the carbon brush and the electric slip ring are in close contact, if found, they need to be cleaned immediately. However, it should not be heated with current or baked with fire to prevent short-circuit faults or damage to the cable sheath.

MP90FS blow molding machine

MP90FS plastic blow molding machine

After dismantling and cleaning, take out the water and residues to prevent motor damage. Here, you can use fluorescent lamps to evaporate water, or you can wait for natural air-drying.

After the moisture in the motor is dried, install the parts in detail, and try to see if they can work normally. If there is any problem, please stop immediately and replace it for maintenance.

MEPER machine for plastic bottle

What are the features of hollow blow molding machines?

As one of the commonly used plastic manufacturing equipment, what are the characteristics of the hollow blow molding machine, let MEPER machine take you to understand it.

Each heating area of the hollow blow molding machine is provided with an independent segmented temperature control. The position and spacing of the lamps and reflectors in the heating area can be adjusted according to the different shapes and sizes of the preforms to achieve the ideal heating Effect.

MP80FD blow molding machine

MEPER plastic bottle blowing machine

The heating of the preform by the infrared lamp is controlled by the constant pressure and temperature regulation method to ensure that the heating of the preform is appropriate, accurate and stable, and is not affected by the change of the input voltage.

At the same time, the hollow blow molding machine can be equipped with different components according to different product requirements, such as the design of double-cavity double-stretching cylinder, three-cavity three-stretching cylinder, four-cavity four-stretching cylinder or six-cavity six-stretching cylinder. Adjust the use of single-cavity single-stretching cylinder to adapt to the different needs of machine adjustment or mold trial.

In terms of mold replacement, the hollow blow molding equipment is also more convenient, the allowable range of the container is pinched, and there is no need to adjust the thickness of the mold.

The production process of the hollow accident also adopts an automatic control system, and the operation process is set in one piece, which saves a lot of manual operation costs.

The characteristics of the hollow blow molding machine are introduced here first. I hope my article will be helpful to you.

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