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Blow molding process of MEPER blow molding machine
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Blow molding process of MEPER blow molding machine

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Blow molding process of MEPER blow molding machine

Extrusion blow molding machine is a thermoplastic resin or plastic extrusion or injection molding, and then get plastic parison tube, the heat to soften down put in split cavity, mold clamping mechanism drives the mold after the mold closing, ventilation with compressed air within the parison, immediately make plastic parison swell and clingy wall in the mold, the cooling mold release, thus made into all kinds of hollow products products.  


Extrusion blow molding process generally includes the following 6 steps:  

1. The extruder melts the plastic raw material and forms the melt delivered to the head into tubular billet.  

2. After the billet is transferred to the set length, the mold closing mechanism makes the blow molding mold close and clamps the plastic billet between the two half molds.  

3. The compressed air is injected into the plastic billet through the blow hole, and the billet is blown to make it close to the mold cavity.  

4. forming wait for cooling finalize.  

5. Open the mold and take out the cooled products;  

6. modify products, while recycling side waste reuse.  


MEPER MACHINE is a fully automatic hollow blowing MACHINE equipment manufacturer. The extrusion blow molding machine which are produced by MEPER MACHINE can be used to produce all kinds of blow molding products,  Using raw materials for PE, PP, PVC, PETG, PS, EVA, EVOH, ABS, TPV, and can produce from 5 ml to 30 liters of all kinds of plastic bottles, barrels, tanks, oil shell, tool cases, automobile shaped hollow parts, medical equipment, transportation facilities, large table board, large pallet and other hollow products, products throughout the home and abroad,  Well received by the majority of customers.  

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MEPER MACHINE will make unremitting efforts to provide customers with more economical and modern products in line with the concept of "enterprising with innovation, fundamental with integrity, development with quality and survival with service", and hope to create a better future together with all new and old customers who support MEPER MACHINE.  

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