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What is blow molding process for plastic bottles ?

The blow molding process is to place the semi-molten tube blank (parison) obtained by extrusion or injection molding in various shapes of molds, and blow compressed air into the tube blank to make it close to the mold cavity. On the wall, and then cooling and demoulding to obtain the molding method of the hollow product. Its molding process includes the manufacture of plastic parisons and the blow molding of the parisons.

2022 09-22
Matters needing attention in the blow molding process of Meper machine

Everyone may be familiar with the blow molding machine. The most important thing is the machine and equipment used to blow the bottle. The blow molding machine can blow plastic particles or softened liquids into people through a certain process. The required bottle, compared with other raw materials

2022 05-09
Blow molding process of MEPER blow molding machine

Extrusion blow molding machine is a thermoplastic resin or plastic extrusion or injection molding, and then get plastic parison tube, the heat to soften down put in split cavity, mold clamping mechanism drives the mold after the mold closing, ventilation with compressed air within the parison, immed

2022 05-05