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In mold laebling machine IML for blow molding machine

IML production equipment includes ILA molds, ILA blow molding machines, additional necessary machines, ILA robots, and more. The solution we provide in Turkey is the production line of the ILA system supported by the ILA production technology.Compared with the common blow molding machine production

2022 04-24
MP70FS machine with IML.jpg
The labeling method used by blow molding machines  

Labeling is a necessary process for almost all bottles. Therefore, there are many kinds of stickers. But in blow molding machine, mainly divided into two categories according to the label. Hot melt adhesive labeling and self-adhesive labeling. Hot-melt adhesive is generally used in in-mold label

2022 04-17
MP70FS extrusion blow molding.jpg
Ingenious application of in-mold labeling technology in extrusion blow molding production line

The packaging surface of any product is inseparable from the label, which is the business card of the product. Today, I will take you to the supermarket shelves to capture the packaging products produced by our hollow blow molding machine and their "business cards".

2022 04-15