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In mold laebling machine IML for blow molding machine
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In mold laebling machine IML for blow molding machine

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In mold laebling machine IML for blow molding machine

IML production equipment includes IML molds, IMLblow molding machines, additional necessary machines, IML robots, and more. The solution we provide in Turkey is the production line of the IML system supported by the IML production technology.

Compared with the common blow molding machine production line, a set of in-film manipulators and prepared labels are added to the in-film production system. The manipulator is used to put the labels into the mold and stick them on the plastic products. This step can replace manual labeling with static equipment.

In order to obtain a high-speed touch-and-stick production line, there are very high requirements for the equipment of the film internal sticker. In order to run at high speed we must ensure that the working cycle time of each mold label production equipment is very short.


For the mold inside the film, we use an optimized cooling system and a reasonable mold structure. We use imported stainless steel material as the core and cavity of the mold, all mold accessories are designed according to the standard, which is convenient for the maintenance and running time of the mold. New injection molding machine, oil-electric compound machine.

The inner film sticking manipulator, which we imported from Italy, can play 6-wire products, and can complete all the work within 2 seconds, with high running precision and easy operation.

With high-quality ILA molds, ILA machines, ILA robots and suitable ILA auxiliary machines, we can get a suitable ILA production line. According to the customer's demand, we can design the number of mold cavities according to the operation cycle of the film. All the IME devices work individually, but can cooperate with other parts without interruption without time interval. The production cycle of the ultra-thin box on the production line of the film sticker only takes 5 seconds.

IML refers to in-mold labeling. This molding technology can naturally integrate the in-mold label and the plastic part, and the product will not appear blistering or wrinkling after long-term use. The production line has rich experience, excellent quality and professional after-sales service.


In-film lamination machines and in-film technical support provide high-quality in-film solutions. We will arrange engineers to go to the customer's factory to install the production line and staff training for the film inner sticker.

If you have any questions or needs about IML production line, please feel free to contact us

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