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The labeling method used by blow molding machines  
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The labeling method used by blow molding machines  

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The labeling method used by blow molding machines  

Labeling is a necessary process for almost all bottles.  Therefore, there are many kinds of stickers.  But in blow molding machine, mainly divided into two categories according to the label.  Hot melt adhesive labeling and self-adhesive labeling.  Hot-melt adhesive is generally used in in-mold labeling machine, self-adhesive is used for ordinary labeling machine.  

MP70FS extrusion blow molding

Many customers in blow molding machine like to use in-mold labeling machine, I will mainly describe the differences between in-mold labeling machine and ordinary labeling machine.  

1. Due to the technological requirements of large factories, bottles must be put for 24 hours before they can be affixed with self-adhesive stickers.  In-mold labeling machine does not need.  So the in-mold labeling machine can be directly packaged after production and not dry glue.  

2. Just blow molded bottles, because of its cooling shrinkage, with self-adhesive labeling will wrinkle.  The in-mold labeling machine is directly put into the mold, and the material is integrated into the embryo, will not be wrinkled because of bottle shrinkage.  

3. The hot melt adhesive label affixed by the in-mold labeling machine will not become warped. Ordinary self-adhesive labels are easy to become warped when they meet water.  This is the reason why daily chemical bottles use in-mold labeling machine.  

Laundry detergent bottle

4. The in-mold labeling machine is integrated with the bottle, while the self-adhesive is pasted on the bottle wall. All the self-adhesive labels are protruding, and the general thickness is about 0.15-0.2.  The hot melt glue is flush with the outer surface of the bottle.  

5. Hot melt adhesive label positioning is more accurate. Because of the post adhesive, the posted calibration position is always defective.  

6. In-mold labeling machine will occupy 1-2 seconds of cycle time, which will prolong the cycle time and lead to a slightly lower output.  Self-adhesive labeling machine does not need to take up production time.  

Generally speaking, the in-mold labeling machine is PE or PP material, there are smooth, pockmarked, transparent variety.  Self-adhesive is the most important paper label more.  All overall look and feel, hot melt adhesive labeling machine is better than the adhesive labeling machine.  


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