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What is blow molding machine?
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What is blow molding machine?

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What is blow molding machine?

What is a extrusion blow molding machine?

The principle of the hollow extrusion blow molding machine is very simple, just like blowing a balloon. When blowing the balloon, we blow air into the balloon to expand the balloon to a certain shape. The same is true for the blow molding machine, but the process is much more complicated than that of the balloon. Next, I will use simple and clear language to let everyone understand!

MEPER blow molding machine

MEPER Blow Molding Machine

1. The basic principle of hollow blow molding machine

The raw material is passed through an extruder or injection molding to obtain a tubular parison, which is heated and softened, placed in a model (equivalent to a balloon skin), and compressed air (blowing) is introduced, and the parison is tightened by pressure. After sticking to the inner wall of the mold, after cooling, various hollow plastic products can be obtained.

Let’s take a balloon as an analogy. There are many styles of balloons, and the blown shapes are also various. The same is true for hollow blow molding machines. Different molds will produce different products. Next, MEPER Machinery will give details Let us introduce what products the blow molding machine can do.

MEPER blow molding machine

MEPER Blow Molding Machine Details

2. Application fields of hollow blow molding machine

We usually see medicine bottles, children's toys, beverage straws, balls, etc. are small blow molding products, transportation facilities, large plastic barrels, double-ring barrels, IBC ton barrels, roadblocks, kayaks, solar liner, etc. belong to large of blow molding machine products.

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