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Precautions for switching on and off of extrusion blow molding machine
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Precautions for switching on and off of extrusion blow molding machine

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Precautions for switching on and off of extrusion blow molding machine

I Start-up precautions

1. Check the hydraulic oil level gauge of the blow molding machine and each hydraulic device to keep the oil level of each oil tank above the reference oil level.

2. The materials used in the extrusion blow molding machine should meet the required drying requirements, and further drying is required if necessary.

3. According to the variety and size of the product, select the machine head specification, and install the machine head in the following order: head flange, mold body, die, perforated plate and filter screen.

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4. Check the compressed air pipe and install it firmly, install the core mold electric heating rod and the head heating ring. Check and open the water supply valve to open the cooling system. Adjust the gap of the die to be uniform, and check whether the centerline of the main machine and the auxiliary machine is aligned.

5. Start the extruder, mold clamping device, manipulator and other operating equipment to perform no-load operation, check whether each safety emergency device is operating normally, and remove the fault in time.

6. According to the regulations of the process conditions, set the temperature of the blow molding machine head and each heating section and heat it segment by segment, and use the scraps to test the integrity of each heating segment to check whether there is no heating phenomenon; wait until the temperature of each part reaches the set point. After the temperature is maintained, the temperature is maintained for 0.5 to 1 h.

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II Precautions for downtime

1. When the blow molding machine is stopped, the rotational speed is reset to zero, and each heating section is closed one by one; the mold is closed, and the blowing needle is half a centimeter away from the mold to prevent debris from falling into the mold and causing damage to the mold; Apply rust inhibitor.

2. Turn off the main power supply, lubricate and maintain the equipment, add lubricating oil, clean the whole machine, and close the water in each part; if the downtime is long, the water inside the mold must be drained to prevent rust and blockage.

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