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MEPER die head for multi-layer co-extrusion blow molding machine
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MEPER die head for multi-layer co-extrusion blow molding machine

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MEPER die head for multi-layer co-extrusion blow molding machine

Multi-layer co-extrusion head, the head is the heart and brain of the multi-layer co-extrusion hollow plastic molding machine, its performance should be able to achieve: control each layer to achieve the best state and complete circumferential and lateral material distribution, A wide range of plastic raw materials and different extrusion volumes can be processed regardless of material distribution. The spiral mandrel combination system is highly adaptable, and the multi-segment structure can reach six layers, which meets the needs of special products and has the best processing conditions. It is the preferred system for multi-layer co-extrusion heads.


The rheological design of the multi-layer co-extrusion head is the key to the design. It is necessary to achieve the head does not depend on the raw material viscosity related to productivity and raw material distribution, and has good self-cleaning function and high extrusion under low extrusion volume. The minimum shear heat under the maximum amount of heat, each layer has a good circumferential distribution, the layer combination raw materials are evenly distributed, and it can process a wide range of plastic raw materials, different extrusion volumes and different extrusion volume ratios. The extruder should be able to adapt to different flow rates and plasticizing of different materials, and the productivity should be higher than that of standard extruders.


The structure of the screw and barrel varies with the nature of the processed material. Each extrusion device should be equipped with an automatically controlled quantitative feeding hopper to precisely control the feeding amount.

The six-layer co-extrusion hollow plastic molding machine of German Fischer company adopts planetary wheel extrusion screw when extruding soft and hard PVC and ABS materials, and also has a sealed cooling zone to make the material plasticized evenly at low temperature and high delivery capacity.


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