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MEPER blow molding machine, what advantages are worth choosing!
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MEPER blow molding machine, what advantages are worth choosing!

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MEPER blow molding machine, what advantages are worth choosing!

Hollow blow molding machine, the main production equipment for plastic products, cooperates with enterprises to expand business and develop the plastic product production industry. Small partners who know about blow molding machines know that hollow blow molding is a kind of plastic granulation equipment. , There is equipment to blow out the air quickly, and the plastic body is blown into the designed mold core. The inside of the equipment is hollow, so it is called a hollow blow molding machine.


MP80FD MEPER Blow Molding Machine

The principle seems simple and the operation steps are also simple, but the technical doorway is not clear in one or two sentences. The market demand increases, and the technological development of hollow blow molding machine enterprises is stagnant and destined to be eliminated by the times. When a hollow blow molding machine What advantages does a plastic machine have before it is worthy of being recognized by the market before companies can choose to purchase?

1. The fully automatic blow molding machine has already entered the fully automatic process after so many years of industrial development. The traditional manual errors can easily cause blow molding failure, and the loss of materials can also be well avoided, and the cost and price will be reduced. .

2. The molding speed of the blow molding machine is slow, and the production efficiency of the blow molding machine is low, and the strength cannot be improved. The electromagnetic induction heater and infrared heating equipment can complete the blow molding process together with the blow molding machine mold. , has a higher extrusion force, and solves the problem of low production efficiency as a whole.


MP70D MEPER Blow Molding Machine

3. The structure is simple and the operation is convenient. The water accumulation of the blow molding machine improves the design of the machine and makes the production more intelligent. On the basis of ensuring the quality and performance, the structure of the machine is selected to be simpler and smarter, and the operation is more convenient. device of.

4. High-efficiency and energy-saving production, the hollow blow molding machine has an additional layer of insulation layer, which increases the utilization rate of heat energy. The material tube can be directly heated, which reduces the heat energy loss during the heat transfer process. At the same time, the heating speed is more than a quarter faster than that of the ordinary heater, which reduces the heating time, the heating speed is fast, the production efficiency is improved, and the high power and low power are reduced. power loss due to demand.

The above are all the advantages of the hollow blow molding machine that are worthy of being selected. The fully automatic, high-efficiency and energy-saving hollow blow molding machine is the demand of all customers. Enterprises should strive to improve the equipment advantages to meet the market demand.


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