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MEPER Extrusion Blow molding machine how to save electricity ?
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MEPER Extrusion Blow molding machine how to save electricity ?

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MEPER Extrusion Blow molding machine how to save electricity ?

Usually we like power-saving machines, and how to save power and resources is also a top priority. Each machine uses a lot of methods on this to save power.

There are two main ways to save power, one is to reduce power, and the other is to reduce time. Downsizing basically means reducing the size of the motor so that its overall power is lower. But in this case, the running speed of the machine will also be reduced, and even some functions will be affected. The second is to reduce the time, that is, to reduce the overall time. When the motor is in a pressure-holding state when it is not working, the motor is on standby, and when it needs to run, the machine runs.

These two methods are the most common ways to save power.

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What if I want the machine to run at the same speed, but also want to save power?

Through the above two methods, we have carried out a technical upgrade to it.

1. Reduce the power of the motor and use an accumulator to continuously store energy. When the machine is in the state of maintaining pressure, the motor is still working continuously. Although the power is small, it continuously injects oil into the accumulator to increase the pressure of the accumulator. When the machine is running, the oil valve of the accumulator is opened, and the oil of the accumulator is injected into the cylinder together with the oil that the motor still keeps working. In this way, the function of saving power and ensuring the speed of the machine is achieved.

2. The use of servo motors, with the use of servo motors more popular, the use of servo motors for large machines has almost become a standard configuration. The main function of the servo motor is to stop the motor when it is not working, and to turn on the motor when the machine needs power. In this way, the overall time operation of the motor will be much less. This is one of the best ways to achieve power saving.

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At present, in terms of overall technology, the accumulator is directly related to the oil circuit, and designing a perfect and stable oil circuit has always been a big technical problem. Therefore, the stability of the accumulator is very important. The advancement of servo motors is much faster than that of accumulators, because servo motors are more widespread and stable.

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