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Introduction of detailed processing flow of plastic products
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Introduction of detailed processing flow of plastic products

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Introduction of detailed processing flow of plastic products

Plastic products are widely used in daily life. In agriculture, packaging, transportation, electrical, food, daily necessities and other industries, they can win public praise due to their excellent cost-effective advantages and quality parameters in various industries. More and more customers are invested in the plastic products industry. As the editor of a hollow blow molding machine company, we must introduce the production process of plastic blow molding machines to those who do not know the plastic industry.

This article mainly asks you to introduce the contents of plastic products production equipment, production and processing procedures, etc., and comprehensively introduces plastic knowledge to help you quickly understand the production process.

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Articulated type blow molding machine-MEPER

I Introduction of plastic processing technology

The plastic production process is called the plastic molding process. The main purpose is to manufacture synthetic industrial resins into various plastic products. It is a common production process in the plastic processing industry. The processing process generally includes plastic ingredients, molding, machining, and joining. , modification and other processes, machining, bonding, and modification processes, the plastic is in a semi-molded state, also known as secondary processing.

There are three kinds of equipment for producing plastic processing products: blow molding machine, injection molding machine, and extruder. The production process is roughly the same, but the material discharge method in the reproduction process is different. This article takes blow molding machine as an example to show you Introduce the production process. The blow molding machine is also equipped with a large number of auxiliary machines, such as drying hoppers, pulverizers, mixers, air compressors, and chillers.

Plastic products are produced with plastic synthetic polymer materials, including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, polymethyl methacrylate, polyoxymethylene, and polycarbonate, which are indispensable in daily life today. Three synthetic materials. To be precise, plastic is a material with natural or synthetic resin as the main component, adding various additives, which can be molded into a certain shape under certain conditions of temperature and pressure, and the shape remains unchanged at room temperature.

MEPER machine for angled neck bottle

MEPER blow molding machine for household bottles

II The production process of plastic products

The processing process can be divided into 5 sections, batching, molding, machining, joining, and finishing, we will introduce them one by one.

1. In addition to polymers, various plastic additives such as stabilizers, plasticizers, colorants, lubricants, reinforcing agents and fillers are added to the processing raw materials of plastic products to improve the molding process and the performance of products or reduce the performance of products. cost. Additives and polymers are mixed and can be uniformly dispersed into powder, also known as dry mix. Sometimes the powder also needs to be processed into pellets by plasticating. Such powders and granules are collectively referred to as batch materials or molding compounds.

2. Forming and processing, the processing link is an important part of plastic manufacturing equipment. Various powders, granules, solutions or dispersions of plastics are made, and there are many processing methods for forming. Which process is selected depends on the type of plastic product. Thermoplastic or thermosetting, initial form and product shape and size, common methods of processing thermoplastics include extrusion, injection molding, calendering, blow molding and thermoforming and other processing methods, heating solid plastics generally have molding, transfer molding, Injection molding is also used. If it is liquid and polymer as raw material, extrusion and injection molding are used more.

4 layers extrusion blow molding machine

4 layers MEPER extrusion blow molding machine

3. Joining. The methods of joining plastic parts include welding and bonding. Welding uses hot air welding, high-frequency welding, friction welding, induction welding, and ultrasonic welding to achieve joined products. For bonding, flux, resin solution, and hot melt adhesive are often used as adhesive bonding products.

4. Modification, the operation of assembling the finished plastic parts into a complete product by means of bonding, welding and mechanical connection. For example: plastic profiles, which are assembled into plastic window frames and plastic doors after sawing, welding, drilling and other steps.

The above is all about the detailed processing process of plastic products. I hope my article will be helpful to you.

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