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Heater for hollow blow molding machine
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Heater for hollow blow molding machine

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Heater for hollow blow molding machine

Heater of hollow blow molding machine is an important part of blow molding machine. The purpose of the heat is to melt the plastic to form a type embryo. Proper temperature can improve the plasticization rate of plastics. In the pursuit of energy saving in today's society, many hollow blow molding machine manufacturers are still using the traditional way of resistance heating. As technology advances, MEPER plastic machines use more energy-efficient induction heaters. Today MEPER compared the pros and cons of the two heating methods.


Disadvantages of traditional resistance heaters

1. Large heat consumption: The traditional heating method is winding resistance, double-sided heating, internal and external circulation, internal heat (near the cylinder part) is transferred to the cylinder, outside, most of the heat is lost to the air, directly causing loss and waste of electric energy.

2. Ambient temperature rise: Due to a large amount of heat loss and ambient temperature rise, some enterprises have to use air conditioning to cool down, causing secondary energy waste.

3. Short service life and large maintenance: due to the use of resistance wire heating, the heating temperature of the electric tube can reach 300 degrees, large heat retention, inaccurate temperature control, resistance wire aging at high temperature is easy to burn out, the service life of common electric heating coil is about half a year.

Advantages of induction heater

1. Long service life: electromagnetic heating will not generate heat because of the coil itself, long service life. There is no need for maintenance and replacement costs, the heating part adopts the circular cable structure, the cable itself does not heat, can withstand high temperature above 500℃, the service life can be up to 10 years.

2. Safe and reliable: the outer wall of the cylinder is heated by high-frequency electromagnetic action, which makes full use of heat and basically has no loss. The heat accumulates inside the heating body, and the surface temperature of the electromagnetic coil is slightly higher than the room temperature.

3. Energy saving: Using internal heating method, direct induction heating internal molecular magnetic energy and heat, the thermal start speed is very fast, the average preheating time is more than 60% shorter than the cyclic resistance heating method, the thermal efficiency can be increased to more than 90%.

4, accurate temperature control: coil itself does not heat, small thermal resistance, low thermal inertia, the inner and outer wall temperature of the cylinder is consistent, real-time temperature control is accurate, significantly improve product quality. High production efficiency.

5. Good insulation: the electromagnetic coil is wound by special high temperature and high pressure cable, with good insulation performance, no direct contact with the tank wall, no leakage, short circuit fault, safe and reliable.

6, working environment: no heat loss, equipment surface temperature can be changed to the extent that people can contact, change the working environment of the production site, improve the enthusiasm of production workers, reduce the cost of ventilation and cooling in summer.


How can electromagnetic heaters save 30%-70% energy on plastic machinery?

1. Compared with resistance heating, induction heater adds a layer of insulation layer to improve the utilization rate of heat energy.

2. Compared with resistance heating, induction heating directly acts on the heating of material pipe, reducing heat transfer loss.

3. Compared with the resistance heating, the induction heater heats up more than a quarter faster, shortening the heating time.

4. Compared with resistance heating, induction heater heating speed is fast, production efficiency is improved, the motor is in a saturated state, reducing the power loss caused by high power and low demand.

The above is the advantages and disadvantages of traditional resistance heater and new induction heater of hollow blow molding machine. Do you understand it now?

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