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Features of hollow blow molding machine
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Features of hollow blow molding machine

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Features of hollow blow molding machine

As one of the commonly used plastic manufacturing equipment, what are the characteristics of hollow blow molding machine?


Each heating area of the hollow blow molding machine has an independent temperature control section, which can adjust the position and interval of the lamp tube and reflector in the heating area according to the different shape and size of the bottle blank to achieve the ideal heating effect.

The heating of the preform by the infrared lamp is controlled by constant pressure and temperature regulation, which ensures that the heating of the preform is appropriate, accurate and stable, and is not affected by changes in the input voltage.

At the same time, the hollow blow molding machine can be equipped with different components according to different product requirements, such as the design of double-chamber double-stretching cylinder, three-chamber three-stretching cylinder, four-chamber four-stretching cylinder or six-chamber six-stretching cylinder. On the machine, it can be independently adjusted to use the different needs of the single-chamber single-stretching cylinder to adapt to machine adjustment or mold trial, etc.

In terms of mold replacement, hollow blow molding equipment is also more convenient, and it can extrude the allowable container range without adjusting the thickness of the container mold.

4 layers blow molding machine

The production process of the hollow blow molding machine also adopts an automatic control system, and the operation process is set in one piece, which saves a lot of manual operation costs.

The characteristics of the hollow blow molding machine are introduced here first. I hope this article can help you.

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