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Analysis of the future trend of the blow molding machine industry
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Analysis of the future trend of the blow molding machine industry

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Analysis of the future trend of the blow molding machine industry


With the increasing demand for various plastic bottles (barrels) in my country, the blow molding industry is also growing. In recent years, sales of blow molding machines have been better than before. At present, Chinese blow molding machine equipment manufacturers have developed their own core systems. Blow molding machines have been widely used in beverage, medicine, cosmetics, food, chemical and other fields. At present, my country's blow molding enterprises are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, lacking technical strength and self-development capabilities, and it is difficult to achieve technology-intensive large-scale production to meet changing market demands. In fact, the blow molding machine industry must give full play to its own competitive advantages, which is inseparable from the development of blow molding machine-related parts production technology. Now domestic manufacturers basically occupy the low-end market, while the high-end market is just the opposite, with domestic manufacturers accounting for less than one-tenth. It proves that only by paying attention to these parts and equipment can a complete set of production technology be properly born in China, and the entire blow molding machine industry can gradually promote the development of the entire industry.


Another trend of extrusion blow molding machineequipment is intelligence, which makes the blow molding machine more intelligent, completes more work, reduces the investment of human resources, makes plastic bottle blowing more convenient, and allows users of the blow molding machine to invest less. More rewards. For blow molding machine data, blow molding machine manufacturers need more effort. Through the analysis of the data, the big data of the data production data is collected from the terminal and analyzed, so as to form big data in the production of large wind turbines. In the future, the production of blow molding machines will be actively developed, which will have a positive impact on the development and improvement of blow molding machines. As a traditional industry, the blow molding machinery industry has been in a relatively slow development trend in the past. Emerging technological knowledge is emerging. Compared with domestic and foreign blow molding equipment, it is superior to domestic products in terms of high speed, high precision, production, processing and intelligence. The domestic production technology has long researched and improved the architecture, soft and hard components, and high-speed and high-precision algorithms of the core system of the blow molding machine; it has been recognized by the market, and the polishing of the system and hardware will take some time. To quote the CEO of a brand of domestic vacuum cleaners recently, he has worked hard for several years and found himself inexplicably surpassing a big overseas brand. This sentence is very suitable for domestic blow molding machine manufacturers who are still insisting on core technology.


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