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How to choose the right hollow blow molding machine for you

Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of hollow blow molding machines, which are all kinds and mixed. How to choose a suitable hollow blow molding machine without spending money is very important. There are actually many pitfalls in the promotion of hollow blow molding machines. Some people buy hol

2022 07-13
MEPER machine for plastic bottle.jpg
Preparations for the MEPER hollow blow molding machine before driving

The hollow blow molding machine must be strictly prepared for driving before driving. The main contents are the following eight points:The first point: the cooling water of the cooling material must be turned on, and the phenomenon of screw bite is even caused.The second point: preheat hydraulic oil......

2022 07-12
raw material for blow machine.jpg
Analysis of the production raw materials in the hollow blow molding industry

With the continuous expansion of the application field of hollow blow molding production, the demand for raw materials by plastic product manufacturers also increases. According to the hollow blow molding machine made by our company MEPER, the plastic raw materials are roughly summarized as follows:

2022 04-21