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What are the methods for extruding and blowing hollow plastic products?

(1) Continuous extrusion inflation method. The sequence of continuous extrusion and blow molding of hollow plastic products: the blow molding process extrudes the molten tube blank that has been mixed and plasticized uniformly from the extruder to a certain length - the molding die for the product.....

2022 09-28
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What are the applications of plastic blow molding products in the food industry?

Blow molding products are widely used in the food industry. This article will take you to understand the applications of blow molding products in the food industry.For food and beverages, although glass bottles are permanent impermeable containers, they are not restricted by the 84 disinfectant and

2022 07-20
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What are the ways to improve the quality of blow molded products?

What are the ways to improve the quality of blow molded products? The importance of blow molding equipment to industrial production is self-evident. A large number of plastic products are made by blow molding. The more common blow molding methods are extrusion molding. The problem of poor product qu

2022 07-19
MEPER blow molding machine.jpg
How to solve the noise of blow molding products of blow molding machine?

The operation process of the MEPER blow molding machine is to preheat and heat up first, set the temperature value on the temperature control instrument according to the process requirements, start the heating system to heat up, and check whether the current indication value of each section of the h

2022 06-08