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Cooling methods for hollow blow molding products
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Cooling methods for hollow blow molding products

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Cooling methods for hollow blow molding products

The cooling of blow molding products is a key step in the molding process, therefore, MEPER MACHINE today to share with you is the cooling method of large blow molding products.

Why should blow molding products be cooled?

Cooling is to better ensure the geometrical shape and internal structure of products, in addition to the structure, cooling will further improve the quality and stability of blow molded products.


How to cool blow molding products?

After extrusion, the plastic embryo should undergo a preliminary cooling process, otherwise the embryo will deform under the action of gravity, which will directly affect the structure and quality of the product.

If the raw materials are non-crystalline, the corresponding blow molding products can be cooled by rapid cooling and cooled directly with water. Only by ensuring sufficient cooling of the products can the deformation of the products be effectively avoided.

But in the extrusion blow molding production process, we often use polyethylene and other crystallization raw materials, so we should take additional into account the crystallization problem. Here can not use the cooling method of rapid cooling, if the use of rapid cooling, will affect the quality of products, so that the product produces internal stress, in the future use of products in the process, there will be cracking and other quality conditions.

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Therefore, in the extrusion blow molding process, we suggest that you use the warm water cooling method of gradual cooling. Generally, it should be used in conjunction with the auxiliary machine equipped with the blowing machine. The cooling water tank should be carried out in sections and sections. The temperature of the cooling water starts from about 75 degrees Celsius and drops gradually until it reaches room temperature.

I believe that many manufacturers have encountered the deformation of blow molding products, which is indeed a very troublesome problem, although the deformation of products is caused by many factors, but if the cooling of blow molding products, it will greatly change the deformation of blow molding products.

In the previous article, I shared with you the cooling process and matters needing attention of the blow molding machine. Today, I hope that the cooling method of this large blow molding product can also help you.

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