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Safe operation procedures for MEPER blow molding machines
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Safe operation procedures for MEPER blow molding machines

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Safe operation procedures for MEPER blow molding machines

I  Preparation before starting up MEPER blow molding machine

1. Wear the work clothes stipulated by the workshop before working.

2. Clean up around the equipment and do not store items unrelated to production on the equipment.

3. Clean up sundries inside and outside the equipment, wipe the blister mold with clean cotton yarn, and remove oil stains on the surface of the mold.

MEPER blow molding machine

4. Check the oil surface of the hydraulic station, and it is not enough to fill.

5. Before starting the machine, carefully check the power supply, control system and heating system of the plastic machine to see whether it is normal, and press the (rotary) button to see whether it is in the accurate position.

6, accurately install the mold to the blister machine, adjust the size of the surrounding film and the position of the pressure plate, to ensure that the surrounding seal. Be sure to secure the upper die stop lock during installation.

MEPER blow molding machine

II How to start the MEPER blow molding machine

1. Set the heating time, vacuum time, cooling time, blowing time and demoulding time of the machine, and test run the machine to ensure the correct operation process.

2. Set the required temperature and preheat the mold according to the characteristics and thickness of the processed material.

3. Manually prevent the test sheet from entering the mold, start the pressing switch, and use the pressing plate to press the film. Press the electric furnace heating button to move the electric furnace to the working position. During the heating process, observe the heating state of the product through the observation window. After heating, the electric furnace will automatically return to the empty space and press to start automatically. The machine will automatically complete the upper mold, the lower mold, heating, vacuuming, blowing cold air and demoulding.

MEPER blow molding machine

4. Adjust the heating time and cold air blowing time of the machine according to the state of the mold test. After the adjustment is completed, the formal blister product can be carried out. Before each material is put into the mold, it is necessary to check whether there are sundries in the mold. Hard objects are strictly prohibited to enter the mold.

5. Pay attention to the changes of temperature and pressure at any time during the operation. If abnormal, stop the machine and turn off the power supply. After maintenance, it will be used.

6. During the operation of the equipment, no unattended situation should be allowed.

mould 2

III  How to turn off the MEPER blow molding machine

1. After the completion of production, first reduce the lower mold to the Z low position to avoid the falling situation caused by the weight of the mold. Then cut off the electric furnace power supply, the total power supply.

2. Clean machine tools, workbenches and ground sundries, and keep the workplace clean and tidy.

MEPER machine for plastic bottle

IV Regular maintenance for MEPER blow molding machine

1. Check each operation button and signal lamp once a day. If damaged, replace or repair immediately.

2. Check the stability and reliability of the control system once a month.

3. When the equipment has no production for a long time, it is necessary to clean the equipment regularly.

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