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Mould of extrusion blow molding machine_MEPER Machinery
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Mould of extrusion blow molding machine_MEPER Machinery

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Mould of extrusion blow molding machine_MEPER Machinery

Mould of extrusion blow molding machine

mould 2

Mold manufacturing process is a complex process, from the design, processing, assembly, debugging and other steps, finally can be really put into use, in the whole life cycle, the factors affecting the quality of mold are mainly the following aspects:

1. The steel of the mold

(1) Requirements for blow molding materials - different plastics should choose different steel, such as the requirements of corrosion resistance.

② P20/2738/H13/2344 material.

③ Heat treatment. The surface treatment of the mold is also very important. Nitriding - can enhance the surface hardness of steel, effectively prolong the life of the mold; Electroplating - can effectively modify the mold steel, for some need high brightness and corrosion resistant plastic parts can use electroplating to enhance and improve the performance of steel.

2. Structural design

Reasonable mold structure can effectively prolong the life of the mold and ensure the smooth production of the mold. Improve efficiency and reduce costs .

3, mold processing

Reasonable process arrangement can speed up production cycle, shorten processing time and save cost effectively. And more importantly, accurate and reasonable processing can ensure the stability and prolong the life of the mold in the production process.

4. Standard parts

Although the standard part does not directly participate in the forming, but it controls the operation of the whole mold. Good standard parts should be wear-resistant, hard enough, high precision, not deformation.

5. Collision (flying mold)

On the touch is the experience of the mold fitter, through the touch can also improve and perfect the other problems of the mold. So it's a comprehensive work.

6, polishing/leather grain

Polishing can also help and supplement the action of the mold, especially for demoulding is very meaningful. Often some mold production is not smooth because of lighting is not in place, excessive resistance, demoulding difficulties, even top white, top crack and so on.

7. Mold assembly

Mold assembly is like assembling machine, every part, every screw can not be wrong, otherwise the consequences will be quite serious, light will lead to product defects, affect the production, heavy will completely damage the mold, resulting in scrap.

8. Cool waterways

Excellent waterway design is particularly important, including the distribution density of waterways, diameters, links between each other, etc.

9. Mold maintenance

Mold maintenance is mainly in the production process of maintenance and maintenance, if not for a long time without maintenance, it may lead to the abandonment of the mold. So every time the mold is used, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive maintenance, especially the rust prevention of the forming part and the rust prevention of the main moving parts. So make sure the mold is dry, and then brush a layer of oil protection.

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