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#MEPERMACHINE Workshop introduction
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#MEPERMACHINE Workshop introduction

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#MEPERMACHINE Workshop introduction

MEPER are 16 years old. There are 3000 sets extrusion blow molding machines running all over the world. MEPER building has 4 floors for production department, technology department, sale marketing department and sample showing room. We collect all bottles for those customers we do service, including SHELL, JOHNSON&JOHNSON, SC JOHNSON and other branded manufacture.

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There are 4 zones in our workshop: process area, parts storage area, assembly areas and testing area. Since die head is soul of the extrusion machine, we design it, process all parts and assemble them by our own engineers. We produce all with precise CNC machines to give guarantee of precision.
MEPER machine factory

We reserve sorts of components parts in our workshop including hydraulic parts, seal parts, electrical parts. We give guarantee of after-sale service. The replaced parts will be dispatched within 3 days after we get the information.

When all systems are ready (electrical system, control system, extrusion system, clamping system ), skilled engineers start to assemble immediately.
machine part

Our machines cover kinds of layers including one-layer, double-layer, 3-layer, 4- layer, 5-layer and 6 layers. All multi-layer Coex machines can consume recycled material to match the world urgent demand to protect our environment.  


Our workshop can loads 80 sets machines at same moment. We supply full automatic line machines to realizes real automatic, for our clients to save labor cost, and increase competition on market.

Supplying stable running and Coex environmental machine to the market is our unchanged target. MEPER hopes to grow up together with you through our partnership.


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