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Installation sequence of MEPER plastic blow molding machine
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Installation sequence of MEPER plastic blow molding machine

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Installation sequence of MEPER plastic blow molding machine

Plastic extrusion blow molding machine as an important production and processing equipment, its installation process is a strict sequence, we will let you understand.

What is the installation sequence of MEPER blow molding machine?

MEPER blow molding machine

1. according to the instructions of the plastic blowing machine, dig the foundation pit; At the same time, dig out the conduit, the upper and lower water pipes and the trench of the compressed air conveying pipe.

2. According to the distance size of the anchor hole of the plastic blowing machine, fix the wood mold of the anchor hole. The foundation hole should be trapezoidal or conical.

3. Pave the transmission pipelines for electricity, water and gas.

MEPER blow molding machine

4. Watering stick cement, leaving holes in the foundation. The concrete should be covered with grass bags and watered twice a day after 24h for health preservation. The ambient temperature should not be lower than 5 degrees.

5. After 7 days of cement, remove the template of the foundation hole, and lay it flat according to the position of the foundation hole by the lifting blow molding machine; Roughly find the height, level and center line of the blow molding machine.

6. Put the fastening bolt in the foundation hole, pass the bolt through the foundation hole of the equipment, and screw the nut. Note that equipment height adjustment is measured by thread length.

7. Pour the foundation hole with concrete, and the health period should be more than 10 days.

8. A pair of inclined iron plates (slope 1/20-1/10) and a steel plate are used as a group: under the steel plate, a pair of inclined iron plates are placed on the steel plate in the opposite direction, and the cushion is placed on both sides of the anchor bolt. Adjust the center height of the blow molding machine with an inclined iron plate. At the same time, the center line of the screw of the correction blow molding machine coincides with the center line of each equipment on the production line of blow molding machine, and the height is consistent.

9. Pre-tighten anchor bolts to diagonal pre-tighten bolts and nuts, tightening force should be balanced.

Calibrate the level, center height and center line position of extrusion blow molding machine.

Tighten all foot bolt holes.

Connect the water and gas pipes and connect the electrical lines

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