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How to choose the right extrusion blow molding production line
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How to choose the right extrusion blow molding production line

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How to choose the right extrusion blow molding production line

As the 2019 new crown epidemic continues, the way of thinking of purchasing and sales needs to change. The global economy is tightening. For procurement personnel, how to purchase hollow blow molding equipment that meets the budget and medium and long-term production of the project they will invest in is a topic we will discuss together today.

Investing in equipment mainly starts from four aspects: budget, brand, response speed and value:

I Budget

Purchasing any product is closely related to affordability, and budgets vary at different stages of development. As a company producing hollow blow molding products, the requirements of its downstream customers will also affect the budget of its own equipment investment. In general: if you are serving large multinational companies, you need to purchase brand blow molding machines that have passed various certifications to meet the needs of your own customers for factory inspections, and at the same time let customers feel assured about future orders. Of course, if the budget is relatively compact, the cost-effective blow molding machine is the first choice, which can meet the initial production, and gradually understand and install new equipment;

II Brand

In our daily life, we are always purchasing, purchasing daily necessities, purchasing electrical appliances, purchasing automobiles, etc. Every buyer favors brand purchasing, and the brand is the guarantee and the embodiment of the value. There will always be different brands in the market for buyers to compare, analyze and choose. For example, our hollow blow molding machines include KAUTEX, BEKUM, MAGIC and other world-class brands, as well as China's AKEI, MEPER and other constantly improving brands... Buyers can Gradually understand the development stage of each brand. In principle, it is a forward-looking purchase to choose a brand blow molding machine that is in a high-speed development stage, because when the brand value of a blow molding machine has not been deeply excavated, it belongs to this blow molding machine at the moment. The brand's dividend period, this investment is the right choice from the perspective of dividends.

machine brand

III Response speed

The reason for this expression is that the speed of economic development requires us to speed up every link, communication needs to be fast, shipment needs to be fast, and after-sales response also needs to be fast. At present, many equipment suppliers have given very fast response speed, which is also the direction we have always advocated and pursued, and is committed to serving our customers;

IV  Value embodiment

The ultimate goal of purchasing any product must be to maximize value, and the purchase of hollow blow molding equipment is no exception. Simply put, the realization of value is to maximize the profit of investors. Returning to our investment in hollow blow molding equipment, the embodiment of value maximization is: maximizing the profit of hollow plastic products and maximizing the degree of attracting customers. The quality and production capacity of plastic products are the direct reflection of the value of the products; the production appearance and status of the workshop are the direct measure of whether they are worthy of the trust of customers.

    Everyone is a buyer in life. Products are different, but there are many general principles. Let us work together to keep making progress on the road of procurement and sales, reduce procurement mistakes, and maximize investment value.

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