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Deeply know about the level line of plastic bottles
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Deeply know about the level line of plastic bottles

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Deeply know about the level line of plastic bottles

The working principle of hollow PE blow molding products is that the plastic particles become molten through the extrusion system, and then pass through the die system to generate a tube blank, and then cool and form in the cavity through a closed die. The obvious difference between hollow PE products and PET products is the presence or absence of color. PE bottles can be used to add about 2% of the color masterbatch in the principle to change the transparent color of the original PE. Please see the product shelves of PE bottle packaging in supermarkets, which can be described as dazzling. But color products also have drawbacks, that is, users cannot observe the remaining liquid in the bottle. In order to let consumers know the amount of liquid remaining in the bottle in time, transparent lines and scales can be produced on one side of the product during the production process.

To realize the function of the transparent line, an additional extrusion system for the transparent line needs to be installed on the machine, including the motor, screw, barrel, heater, frequency converter, etc.; at the same time, the internal design of the die needs to be changed. Please see the products in the picture below, which are 5L oil drums, pesticide bottles, etc., all with transparent lines.

lubricating oil bottle


   These transparent lines are produced from PE raw materials without color masterbatch. If the customer does not need this transparent line, the extrusion system corresponding to the transparent line can be suspended. At the same time, if the customer needs the transparent line on the other side of the bottle, or in any vertical position of the bottle, our blow molding machine can be realized by adjusting the screw and moving the discharge port corresponding to the liquid level line tube blank. In this way, when customers initially purchase hollow blow molding equipment and molds, they cannot grasp the position of the transparent line in time, and there are opportunities for remedial solutions in the follow-up.

   It is a small function, and I hope it can give comments and guidance to production customers or technical teachers who are troubled by this.

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