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Blow molding machine screw why not normal discharge
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Blow molding machine screw why not normal discharge

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Blow molding machine screw why not normal discharge

Blow molding machine screw why not normal discharge

Why the screw of the blowing machine is not normal, it is still to see the specific situation of the screw discharge, in order to determine the cause of the abnormal discharge. We will make different reason analysis according to different discharge conditions today.

There are three reasons for the abnormal discharge of the screw of the blow molding machine, and the reason analysis is given under each one.


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The screw discharge is unstable. General performance for screw discharge too fast too slow may be different length of discharge. This generally needs to find problems with the servo valve and electronic ruler of the mid-air blowing molding machine. Perhaps it is because the servo valve or electronic ruler is disturbed by electromagnetic interference, which affects the stable feeding process of the screw. Another reason related to the electronic ruler is that the pollution of the electronic ruler will also affect the stability of the feeding.

There is no stranding before the screw is discharged. Although this is before the discharge, but also blow molding machine screw discharge is not normal one of the circumstances. The processing of raw materials is generally the temperature and screw with each other to complete, if the Hank process produced a problem, the problem naturally appears in the temperature and screw. If there is no stranded material, it may be because the temperature is too low, the material is not fused; Or perhaps the temperature of the discharge port is too high, the material will be blocked in the discharge port; The reason for the screw is that there are quality and performance issues with the screw.

The quality of screw discharge is not good. You may have questions, why the screw discharge quality, also count screw discharge is not normal one of the conditions. We think about it, the material comes out from the screw, if each part of the screw is normal, will there be material quality problems? Therefore, the material quality problem, with the screw is also a certain relationship. What is the relationship in detail?

Generally, the temperature is not good or screw function is not good, not good actual production status to match, will make raw materials melting uneven, which is also the primary reason for the impact. Blow molding machine screw why the discharge is not normal, different conditions, there are different reasons, you should also understand, according to their own situation, identify the problem where, and take useful measures.

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