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Application of antistatic device in extrusion blow molding equipment
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Application of antistatic device in extrusion blow molding equipment

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Application of antistatic device in extrusion blow molding equipment

As we know, industrial static electricity is the existence of charges of different properties on the surface of objects due to friction, peeling, extrusion, induction, etc. between objects in industrial production. When this charge accumulates to a certain extent, electrostatic adsorption occurs. Look, when we use the multi-head and multi-cavity device to produce thin and long hollow blow-molded bottles, the various tube blanks will generate static electricity, attract and repel each other, and there will be internal and external situations. If it is left to its natural state, the tube blank entering the mold will appear skewed, and during the blowing process, the product thickness will be uneven. According to different application scenarios, customers have different requirements on the thickness of products, such as shampoo bottles for daily chemical product packaging, milk bottles for food packaging, pesticide bottles for pesticide liquid packaging, and other special-shaped products.

parts, such as mop handles, etc.



    There are many products of static elimination device, and its function is to use air ionization to generate a large amount of positive and negative charges, and use a fan to blow the positive and negative charges out. A stream of positive and negative charges is formed to neutralize the charge on the surface of the product. When the surface of the object is positively charged, it will attract the negative charge in the airflow, so that the static electricity on the surface of the object is neutralized and the purpose of eliminating static electricity is achieved.

    In order to eliminate the static electricity generated on the tube blank during the multi-cavity high-yield production of hollow products, our hollow blow molding equipment uses a large number of anti-static devices to avoid uneven thickness of products caused by static electricity. As shown in the figure below: Our 4-die hollow blow molding equipment produces 500ml prickly heat powder bottles. The lower end of the die head is equipped with an ionizer with antistatic function and the upper end of the tube blank is equipped with positive and negative ions blown out by a fan. These ions will be adsorbed On the surface of the tube blank and neutralize the original positive and negative ions, the tube blank after being destaticized is straight.

Antistatic device

    After static elimination treatment, the thickness of the product is uniform, which meets the requirements of the manufacturer for hollow plastic products. We will continue to study the elimination of static electricity generated by blanks, and strive to pursue higher quality plastic packaging products!

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