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Blow molding process and technology

The hollow blow molding process is to place the semi-molten tube blank (parison) obtained by extrusion or injection molding in various shapes of molds, and blow compressed air into the tube blank to make it close to the mold. The molding method of hollow products is obtained by cooling and demouldin

2022 09-23
bottledjoy making machine.jpg
The rise of plastic kettles made of PETG/PC/PCTG and other materials

Bottled Joy / Tritan material / PC material People cannot live without water. When exercising or traveling outdoors, we all need to bring enough water to quench our thirst and hydrate. The traditional way is mineral water packed in PET plastic products, ranging in size from 300ml to 5L. But recently, a new type of water storage device that is more suitable for sports and travel has emerged: the Bottled Joy bucket.

2022 04-13