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Production efficiency of hollow blow molding equipment
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Production efficiency of hollow blow molding equipment

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Production efficiency of hollow blow molding equipment

What is the production efficiency of hollow blow molding equipment? Is the production efficient? Approximately how many units can be produced? And so on these questions about the efficiency of large hollow blow molding, MEPER MACHINE will give the answers respectively next.

Because large hollow blow molding equipment is used to produce large plastic products, compared with small product processing equipment, whether the operation process or processing technology, are more complex, so the production efficiency may be lower than those small equipment.

On average, the hollow blow molding efficiency of large products is 100-300 pieces per day.

The production efficiency of large hollow blow molding equipment depends on two aspects: one is the performance of hollow blow molding equipment, and the other is the products produced.

MP100FD with auxiliary machine

In the production of the same products, different performance of hollow blow molding equipment, production efficiency is certainly different. If you want to process products with high efficiency, you should choose equipment with stable performance and high productivity.

How to measure whether the production performance of a hollow blow molding equipment is stable?

Device performance depends in part on the configuration of the device. In the production process, some technological process or main supporting facilities, to improve the production efficiency of equipment, is crucial. Xiaobian takes Iyasu hollow blow molding equipment as an example, to introduce to you, in the hollow blow molding equipment, can play a role in improving the production efficiency of some processes and main supporting facilities.

Infrared or electromagnetic induction heating, continuous and stable heating, heating time saving, ensure heating effect;

IKV screw, high plasticizing ability, shorten the plasticizing time of raw materials;

Servo motor, on the basis of energy saving, to ensure the continuous and stable supply of equipment energy;

PLC control system, accurate control of each production process, high level of automation, can achieve continuous production of products;

Pressurized cylinder, enhance the clamping force;

It is because of the above process and the control of supporting facilities that the equipment failure rate is low, the forming speed is fast and stable, and the overall production efficiency is improved.

crate type

Of course, the configuration terms in the above content are just to give you an example, but the corresponding production process is indeed the main aspect of improving the efficiency of hollow blow molding equipment production.

Another aspect that has to do with the efficiency of the equipment is the products that are produced.

Different products have different requirements on the production process. If we use the method of producing plastic barrels to produce pallets, it may not affect the normal production, but it certainly does not achieve good production efficiency.

Therefore, we need to make different production plans according to different products, which should include: raw material selection, production process parameter setting, and the production effect we want to achieve. The production plan should conform to the actual situation of the product, so as to achieve good production efficiency.

In fact, the efficiency level of hollow blow molding is not only reflected in the production quantity of products in process, but also to ensure the quality of products. The purpose is to produce products with high efficiency and stable quality. Therefore, while improving the production speed of equipment, we should pay more attention to the quality of products. If you have relevant product production equipment needs, you can consult online according to your own product production needs.

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