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Fully automatic production line -Applied to the packaging industry
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Fully automatic production line -Applied to the packaging industry

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Fully automatic production line -Applied to the packaging industry

With the wide application of plastic packaging products in society, enterprises have higher and higher production requirements for PET blow molding machines, extrusion blow molding machines and injection molding machines. In the past, the packaging, packing and handling of bottles were all done manually. In order to improve production efficiency and save labor costs, we have launched related automated production lines.


MEPER Machine has been focusing on extrusion blow molding machines since 2006. With rich technical experience, we can provide you with solutions for plastic packaging of lubricants, motor oils, additives and other viscous liquids. The automatic bottle blowing machine can complete the molding volume of plastic bottles: 0.3-30L. The oil bottle blowing machine, PE bottle blowing machine and automatic blow molding machine that customers have used all reflect the efficient and stable performance of the MEPER blow molding machine. At the same time, the bottle rate of customers has been greatly improved, and the waste of various raw materials and resources has been greatly saved.

When producing bottles, extrusion blow molding machines are generally equipped with chillers, manipulators, leak detectors, bottle weighing machines, bottle sealing machines, air compressors, feeding machines, etc., to achieve full automation of machine operation.

The bottles need to be packaged after production, we also provide bottle bagging machines that can be connected to blow molding machines. After continuous technological research and development and improvement, MEPER MACHINE and innovative bottle packaging system. This line consists of 5 parts, the packaging of bottles and plastic bags, the folding of cartons, the packing and sealing of bottles, and the handling and stacking of boxes. These parts are connected in series by conveyor belts. The entire production process is controlled by PLC program and automatically transmitted, and the entire line only needs one person to operate. The labor force of one person realizes the operation of 5-6 people, which greatly saves labor costs, improves work efficiency, and brings higher benefits to the enterprise.

Our entire automatic line is designed according to the actual needs of customers and site conditions to better serve customers. If you need to improve your current production, please consult us.

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