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Application of leak detection equipment in hollow plastic products
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Application of leak detection equipment in hollow plastic products

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Application of leak detection equipment in hollow plastic products

Leak testing equipment has been mentioned in previous articles. During the extrusion blowing and stretching process of PE raw materials, there will be small holes due to the entry of impurities or uneven stretching and uneven blowing. In the future, during the filling process, there will be leakage of packaging products. In order to prevent the leakage of liquid from being discovered again during the packaging process, resulting in losses and troubles, it is beneficial or even necessary to check whether the bottle has holes in advance.

    So what is the application principle of our leak tester? The bottle mouth is blocked by the vacuum leak detector, and the hole in the middle of the leak detector outputs a vacuum with a pressure of 0.6Mpa/cbm into the bottle. If there is a hole, the pressure will drop and the pneumatic element at the end of the belt will activate, rejecting the leaking bottle.


   According to different production requirements, the number of leak detection heads is increased, from 1 to 12 heads, and the line can be single or double; according to different bottle sizes, it can be fully automatic or semi-automatic bottle loading; Adjust the angle accordingly to ensure that the leak test head is perpendicular to the bottle mouth.

   If you want to test multiple bottle types on the same leak tester, you need to ensure that the leak test head is directly greater than or equal to the diameter of the largest bottle mouth; then adjust the width of the guardrail, the distance of the bottle stopper, and the height of the leak test head;

Conventional leak detection requires a cycle of 5 seconds, because the bottle is fixed during the blowing time; in order to improve the production capacity, our company is now launching a tracking capping machine, that is, the leak detection head moves with the bottle forward, and is controlled by the servo control system. The leak detection process is completed under dynamic conditions, and the leak detection speed can be increased by more than 3 times, which is very popular among production enterprises.

    The accuracy of leak detection generally varies according to the size of the hollow product, which can be selected between 0.05mm and 0.3mm.


   At the same time, in order to save space, the leak detection function can also be integrated with the repair mouth function, the incision function, and the upper cover function. Will share and discuss with you in future articles!

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