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Selection Of Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
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Selection Of Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

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Selection Of Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

There are many manufacturers of extrusion blow molding machines, and the product models are complicated. For the manufacturer, there are many factors to consider when purchasing a suitable extrusion blow molding machine. Here, we will introduce the main technical parameters of the extrusion blow molding machine for users to choose and use. The main technical parameters of extrusion blow molding should be reflected in the three aspects of die storage, mold clamping and the whole machine.


Technical parameters of extruded parts

Screw diameter: the outer diameter of the screw. (mm)

Effective length of the screw: the length of the upper threaded portion of the screw. (mm)

Screw length to diameter ratio. (l/d)

Screw compression ratio.

Stocking stroke: The maximum distance the storage tank moves, and the maximum distance to retreat when the screw is metered.


Screw speed: The minimum maximum speed range of the screw when the strand is plasticized.

Plasticizing ability: The maximum weight of plasticized material can be plasticized per unit time. (kg/h)

Screw torque: The maximum torque driven by the screw when the strand is plasticized. (nm)

Screw drive power: The maximum power of the screw drive when the strand is plasticized. (kw)

Cartridge heating power; total power of the barrel heating. (kw)

The heating method of the drum and the number of heating sections.

In addition to the above technical parameters, the blow molding part should also indicate the driving method.

Technical parameters of the clamping part

Clamping force: To overcome the blow mold, the maximum locking force of the mold. (kn).

Forming area: refers to the maximum projected area of the clamping force under a certain cavity pressure. (cm)

Molding stroke: the maximum distance that the mold can be removed, the mold can be moved, the mold stroke, and the template stroke. (cm).

Clamping speed: The maximum speed at which the template moves when clamping. (m/c).


First of all, we should know that there are three general types according to common blow molding machines, including extrusion blow molding machines, injection blow molding machines and a special structure of blow molding machines, while stretch blow molding machines can belong to It is one of extrusion blow molding machine, injection blow molding machine and special structure blow molding machine. The common extrusion blow molding machine is a combination with blow molding machine and mold clamping machine, generally from the parison of the extrusion machine. The die, the inflator and the structure of the mold clamping, the thickness control system of the parison and the conveyor. The parison die is an important component that determines the quality of the blow molded product. Head and center feed die.

Large-volume products are often blown by means of a storage tank. The minimum cylinder volume for storage is 1KG, and the largest can reach 240KG. The parison thickness control device is used to control the parison wall thickness control point up to 300 points, of course between 100 and 300 points, and the extrusion blow molding machine can produce hollow products with a volume range of 2.5ML-3000L. The special structure blow molding machine is a blow molding machine that blows a hollow body having a special shape and use into a parison from a sheet, a molten material and a cold billet. The structure of the blow molding machine varies depending on the shape and requirements of the products produced.

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