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Plastic material degradation
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Plastic material degradation

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Plastic material degradation

Normally plastic material needs 100 years to 200 years to degrade. Abandoned plastic material occupies huge quantity land, which can’t get recovered for a long time. It has influence on continuable use. Those abandoned plastic products which enters into daily rubbish can’t degrade for 200 years, it needs 1000 years to degrade.

     We use those plastic products for 25 minutes, but it needs at least 470 years for degradation. The rate of recycled and reuse is less than 10%. This is the story that Human changes blue planet into plastic garden. 

plastic recycling

Since 1907, Human already produces more than 8.3 billon tons of plastic product, 6.3 billon of them are abandoned, the number is still increasing.

     Those plastic rubbish entered into nature by all ways, finally meet in ocean, and formed one rubbish island of 1,600000 square kilometer. The global plastic rubbish will reach 12 billon ton until 2050, which is more than total fish in the world.

plastic recycling

Where are those rubbish from?

     Every year there are 8 millons of plastic rubbish entered into ocean, 90% of them were from Africa, India and China.

    Until July of 2017, China government issued the rule of “no permitting of importing plastic rubbish”. This rule has heavy influence. American expert Mr. Amy L brooks predicted that there are 111,000,000 tons of plastic rubbish is block, no where to go.

    Since those developed countries don’t have enough plastic rubbish treatment system, so how to deal with those plastic rubbish is one headache.

    Another choice is to export those plastic rubbish to India and other developing countries, but those countries’ importing quantity can’t catch up the speed of producing of plastic rubbish.
plastic recycling 

 Plastic is regarded as “ the greatest invention of human in 21 century”, due to it’s convenience and resistance. Meantime plastic is listed in “ the worst invention of human in 21 century”, it’s regarded as the enemy of environment.

    How to reduce use of plastic material, increase use rate of plastic material and recycled rate, is key point of the problem solution.


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