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MEPER Blow Molding Machine Mould Maintenance
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MEPER Blow Molding Machine Mould Maintenance

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MEPER Blow Molding Machine Mould Maintenance

In the use of blow molding machine, blow molding machine mold will inevitably appear some failures. Blow molding machine mold as the most core parts, we need to often blow molding machine mold maintenance; The maintenance of blow molding machine molds requires professional trained engineers. Familiar with blow molding mold maintenance technical standards, here we share seven blow molding machine mold maintenance methods.

Meper blow molding machine

1. The sliding parts should be thoroughly cleaned, inspected and maintained. Such as core-pulling mechanism and guide device. Re-lubricate and assemble with hot grease.

2. If there is a hydraulic core pile, the maintenance of blow molding mold should be carried out at the same time as the hydraulic parts. Special attention should be paid to cleaning in hydraulic maintenance; Prevent contamination, otherwise it will contaminate the entire hydraulic system.

3. When the mold fails or is damaged in the production project, the maintenance plan of the blow molding mold should be determined according to the specific situation.

blow mould

4. After maintenance of the mold, the forming surface, parting surface and installation surface must be treated with rust prevention. Mold parts are placed with blow molds and marked to avoid confusion.

5. Clean the metal chips in the blow molding mold and remove the oxide skin.

6. According to the final blow molding product produced by the blow molding mold, determine whether repair is necessary. Carefully check the blow mold for problems. Is there strain or mold? Is the core bent or broken? Whether the removable core is inserted and positioned incorrectly. Whether the length of the push rod is changed or the push rod is broken, whether the positioning of the insert is incorrect, whether the fastening bolt is loose, etc. Define maintenance or replacement based on damage.

plastic mould

7. The collapse of the cavity inside the mold, cracks, and block falling will cause slight deformation, which can be repaired by partial welding. Welding maintenance shall be carried out in strict accordance with welding maintenance process. Otherwise, the life of blow mold will be greatly shortened. The above fault occurs on a smaller molded part, and if the damage to that part becomes more severe, it may lead to mold damage.

machine mould

In order to save costs, many manufacturers do not have their own professional mold department, improper maintenance of their own mold will be prone to mold and other problems. In this way, it will be difficult to ensure the quality of blow molding. Once the mold has problems, the blow molding mold can only spend a large amount of money to find the mold manufacturer for maintenance and repair, and it may affect the future use, which will lead to greater losses. Mold plays an important role in blow molding machine and blow molding technology. In addition to the performance of hollow blow molding machine, the performance of blow molding die also directly affects the quality of blow molding products. Therefore, MEPER MACHINERY reminds you that in the maintenance of blow molding mold, we must take comprehensive consideration and adopt a highly professional maintenance method.

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