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Introduction of Blow Molding Machine-MEPER Machine
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Introduction of Blow Molding Machine-MEPER Machine

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Introduction of Blow Molding Machine-MEPER Machine

The development of plastic packaging products in China is relatively late. After more than 20 years of development, the market demand for blow molding products is increasing every year, and the market will increase in the future. Today, MEPER MACHINE will introduce what is a blow molding machine.

MEPER Machine for cosmetic bottle

Blow molding machines are used to produce various hollow products, such as common warning posts, plastic buckets, roadblocks, etc., which belong to the production scope of blow molding machines.

Industrial bottle blow molding machine

The production of hollow blow molding machine in my country started late, but it has developed rapidly. There are also many large-scale hollow molding equipment in China, which can produce from 0.5L to 1000L. Some manufacturers also have the technical production capacity of tens of thousands of liters of blow molding products. In the course of years of development, the variety of products has increased, and the level of automatic control has also improved, among which PLC automatic control accounts for more than 70%.

Large-scale hollow molding equipment has low output and few varieties, but there are various problems in the production process, such as uneven wall thickness, thick, thin, low production efficiency and a certain gap with foreign technologies.


At present, the existing domestic hollow product forming methods include: blow molding hollow molding equipment, injection molding machines, plastic film extrusion molding machines, thermoforming rotary molding, compression molding and other production processes. Among the numerous hollow product molding methods, blow molding and injection molding are one of the two molding methods that are widely used and have large output, and most of the plastic containers on the market are blow molding, such as various types of plastic containers. Bottles, cans, barrels, storage tanks, etc.

The hollow products produced by large-scale hollow molding equipment mainly contain polypropylene, polyethylene, and polycarbonate, which produce various types of hollow trays, clean water buckets, and hollow plastic fuel tanks, which can be used in manufacturing in various industries.

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