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IBC tank introduction
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IBC tank introduction

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IBC tank introduction

Intermediate bulk containers (also known as IBC tank, IBC tote, IBC, or pallet tank) are industrial-grade containers engineered for the mass handling, transport, and storage of liquids, semi-solids, pastes, or solids.

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1. Reduce production, storage, transportation and operation cost, save manpower and material resources:

Storage space saves 35% comparing with traditional packaging

2. Forklift loading and unloading, which reduces troubles of manual handling.

3.1 ton IBC tank=5*200L barrel, which reduces repeated filling operation, avoid material leakage, spillage and other wastes during filling process.

4. available for loading Class ll and lll dangerous liquid material. Max. liquid density of ll class is 1.5g/cm3, of class lll is 1.8g/cm3

5. bottom with discharge valve, convenient, rapid, thorough, safe, easy to clean, Reusable, energy saving and environmental protection.

6. Cycled using for 20 times or even more

IBC Type

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1. standard type

There are always single layer and double layers IBC tank.The out of layer is recycled material and the inner layer is virgin material.

IBC tank multilayer

2. Life proof type

For material with prone to coagulation, polymerization, decomposition

and other chemical reactions when exposed to light, such as photosensitive drugs and fertilizers such as nitric acid,ammonia,bromine,ammonia,carbon tetrachloride which will accelerate volatilization when exposed to light. Some electroplating material and photosensitive coatings also need light-proof IBC tank.

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Single layer

All black or blue

Double layer

Outer layer is black or blue/Inner layer is transparent

Tri layer

Outer layer is reflective/Middle layer photophobic/Inner layer transparent

3. Electrostatic prevention type

For material flammable and explosive dangerous material such as alcohol.

The anti-static liner coating can discharge static electricity shortly to prevent voltage accumulation.

Valve with electrostatic prevention

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Tank with electrostatic prevention

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Double layer

Inner layer transparent/Outer layer electrostatic prevention

Tri layer

Inner layer transparent/Middle layer recycled material/Outer layer electrostatic prevention

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